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A podcast designed to help nonprofit organizations raise more money and achieve greater success at their fundraising events.

Each episode features a special guest from all sectors and backgrounds of the nonprofit industry--including charity auctioneers, attorneys, development directors, marketers, and many more--who share their unique perspectives and lessons learned.

Events With Benefits is hosted by three longtime event fundraising professionals and friends: Danny Hooper, benefit auctioneer at Danny Hooper Productions; Ian Lauth, VP of Marketing at Winspire; and Renee Zau, Co-founder & CEO of DonationMatch.

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    Ep 44: Connor Sweeney - How to Offer a $1 Million Hole In One

    Today's special guest is Connor Sweeney, President and CEO at Great Shot Golf. Working with 1,700 golf events a year, Sweeney shares tangible tips for nonprofits to get the most out of golf tournament events (like offering a $1 Million hole-in-one prize).

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    Ep 43: Bobby D and Erin Ward - Are Auctions Becoming Extinct?

    Today's special guests are Bobbi D and Erin Ward, benefit auctioneers based in the New York tri-state area. In this episode, they share the inside scoop on the evolution of fundraising auctions, concrete examples of unique events, plus practical tips to improve your special appeal.

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    Ep 42: Jack Landers - Is Your A$$ Covered (With Proper Insurance)?

    Today's special guest is Jack Landers, Insurance and Risk Management Broker at Teague Insurance, a provider of nonprofit risk management and coverage. Landers draws on his 20 years of experience in the industry to share tips to keep your charity out of hot water.

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    Ep 41: Kathleen Janus - Social Startup Success

    Today's special guest is Kathleen Kelly Janus, an award-winning social entrepreneur, author, and lecturer at Stanford University, and an expert on philanthropy, Millennial engagement, and scaling early stage organizations.

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    Ep 40: Keith Fox - The Importance of Sound

    Today's special guest is Keith Fox, professional benefit auctioneer & DJ at Fox Fundraising & Auctions. In today's episode, Fox shares best practices for improving the sound quality at a benefit auction.

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    Ep 39: Tom Summa - Consignment Travel Packages

    Today's special guest is Tom Summa, Fundraising Specialist at no-risk travel provider Winspire. In today's episode, Summa shares a behind-the-scenes look at consignment travel and best practices to leverage this unique fundraising strategy.

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    Ep 38: Jill Boyer - Mobile Bidding with Greater Giving

    New fundraising ideas emerge every day. Today's special guest is Jill Boyer, Director of Marketing at fundraising technology provider GreaterGiving. Boyer shares unique revenue enhancer ideas that fill out a fundraising auction agenda and raise thousands of additional dollars (like a "Graffiti Wall"!).

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    Ep 37: Kristi Saucerman - AuctionFrogs

    Kristi Saucerman, Founder and CEO of AuctionFrogs, shares her data-driven best practices to raise more at charity galas and fundraising auctions and how to sell more event tickets.

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    Ep 36: Jerry Potter - Facebook Event Marketing

    This week we welcome Jerry Potter, CMO at Mastodon Media and Host of Five Minute Social Media on YouTube. He will share tips and tricks for marketing your events to increase attendance and sponsor attention on social media.

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