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Our series provides nonprofit staff, volunteers, event planners, PTOs and more with cutting-edge insights and proven best practices to improve fundraising results.

Each episode features a special guest from all sectors and backgrounds of the nonprofit industry, including charity auctioneers, legal advisors, development directors and more. The series is hosted by three longtime event fundraising professionals: Danny Hooper, benefit auctioneer at Danny Hooper Productions; Ian Lauth, VP of Marketing at Winspire; and Renee Zau, Co-founder & CEO of DonationMatch.

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    Ep 20: Michelle Boyer - Charity Compliance

    Today's special guest is Michelle Boyer, President at Charity Compliance Solutions. In this episode, learn how your nonprofit can avoid legal troubles by getting registered as a charitable organization in every state in which you solicit donations.

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    Ep 19: Jeff Dowler - Optimizing Donation Processing

    Today's special guest is Jeff Dowler, President at Optimal Giving. In this episode, learn how your nonprofit can put even more of your supporters' donations toward your cause by trimming credit card processing fees.

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    Ep 18: Janeal Ford, Fordable Freelance - Grants

    Today's special guest is Janeal Ford, President at Fordable Freelance and professional fundraising consultant. In this episode, learn how better grant writing and fundraising education can help you improve fundraising results.

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    Ep 17: Melissa Merriam - BidPal Mobile Bidding

    Today's special guest is Melissa Merriam, Area Director at fundraising technology provider BidPal. Melissa covers how fundraising and technology work together to raise more money at charity auctions.

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    Ep 16: Dan Dowling - Capital Campaigns

    Today's special guest is Dan Dowling, Campaign Director with Willette-Dowling and Associates, draws from his 32 years of nonprofit experience to help others with fundraising growth and capital campaigns.

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    Ep 15: Jeff Chang - Cause4Auction

    Jeff Chang, Co-founder and CEO of Cause4Auction, talks with us about why Cause4Auction was built, how it is different from other auction software, and his advice for event organizers collected from his mobile bidding clients' successes.

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    Ep 14: Heath Hale - Wrangle More Bids For Live Auction Items

    Today's guest is Heath Hale, one of the best Benefit Auctioneer Specialists in the country. Together with his team of Cowboys, Hale raised over $9.3 Million and exceeded 100% of his clients' goals in 2016. Today he shares his proven strategies and best practices for success.

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    Ep 13: Laurie Hochman - Auctria

    Today's special guest is Laurie Hochman, Marketing Coordinator at fundraising auction software provider Auctria. As a former PTA President and Executive Board Member, Hochman shares multi-dimensional tips to boost auction revenue.

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    Ep 12: Heather Dean-Presnall - Raising $1 Million Per Year With Events

    Heather Dean-Presnall, Senior Manager of Multi Market Leadership Events at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Pacific region, tells how she manages the largest auction in San Diego with 600 packages and attended by 650 guests, as well as creative ways she raises more at her events.

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    Ep 11: Cheryl Parker - Benefit Auctioneer

    Today's special guest is Cheryl Parker, certified benefit auctioneer specialist based in San Diego, Calif. Parker shares her unique tips and tricks for generating extra revenue at your event, plus an offer for her free event planning resource.

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