Events with Benefits
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This weekly series is designed to provide nonprofit staff, volunteers, event planners, PTOs and more with cutting-edge insights and proven best practices to improve fundraising results.

Each episode features a special guest from all sectors and backgrounds of the nonprofit industry, including charity auctioneers, legal advisors, development directors and more. The series is hosted by three longtime event fundraising professionals: Danny Hooper, benefit auctioneer at Danny Hooper Productions; Ian Lauth, Creative Director at Winspire; and Renee Zau, CEO & Co-founder of DonationMatch.

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    Ep 5: Lynda M. West - Perseverance

    Today's special guest is Lynda West, a coach and mentor to nonprofits based in San Diego, Calif. She leads a mastermind program to help nonprofits brainstorm together and gain confidence to ask for what they need to achieve their goals.

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    Ep 4: Parker Pike - Partnerships

    Today's special guest is Parker Pike, former bakery owner and today full time member of the Board of Directors of the San Diego Nonprofit Association. Learn the ins and outs of securing corporate partnerships for your cause.

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    Ep 3: Mary Tovella Dowling - Legal Considerations

    Today's special guest is Mary Tovella Dowling, attorney at For Purpose Law Group in San Diego, Calif. In a litigious world, Mary offers invaluable, money-saving insight on the potential legal pitfalls that can affect your fundraising event.

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    Ep 2: Holly Kennedy - Golf Tournaments

    Today's special guest is Holly Kennedy, CEO and founder of Kennedy Golf Tournament and Event Planning in San Diego, Calif. As charity golf tournaments continue trending upward, learn groundbreaking ideas, details and tips for anyone considering running a golf event.

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    Ep 1: Jim Nye - The Auction Guy

    Professional fundraising auctioneer Jim Nye works with 50+ events each year. Today he shares expert recommendations for auction timelines, selling consignment packages, the top 10 critical items he brings to events and more.