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Our series provides nonprofit staff, volunteers, and event leaders with cutting-edge insights and proven best practices to improve fundraising results.

Each episode features a special guest from all sectors and backgrounds of the nonprofit industry--including charity auctioneers, attorneys, development directors, marketers, and many more--who share their unique perspectives and lessons learned.

Events With Benefits is hosted by three longtime event fundraising professionals and friends: Danny Hooper, benefit auctioneer at Danny Hooper Productions; Ian Lauth, VP of Marketing at Winspire; and Renee Zau, Co-founder & CEO of DonationMatch.

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    Ep 31: Tom Huston - Founder & CEO at EveryWon

    Today's special guest is Tom Huston, Founder and CEO of EveryWon. This fundraising platform creates community races for nonprofits to join and raise money for their cause.

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    Ep 30: Teresa Stivers - The CEO Perspective on Fundraising Events

    Today's special guest is Teresa Stivers, CEO at foster care, adoption, and youth services agency Walden Family Services. Stivers shares details on their annual gala, how she measures impact and effectiveness, and hard-earned lessons learned.

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    Ep 29: Dana Levin - Hosting a 4-Star Charity Event

    Today's special guest is Dana Levin, Director of Signature Advancement Events at Jewish Family Service in San Diego, a 4-star charity (highest ranking) on Charity Navigator. Levin draws on decades of experience to share her strategies for better fundraising events.

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    Ep 28: Justin Dennis - Success With Consignment Memorabilia

    Today's special guest is Justin Dennis, Owner and President of DSC Consulting, a company that provides no-risk sports memorabilia to about 600 nonprofit events each year. In today's session, Dennis shares best practices for using sports memorabilia in charity auctions.

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    Ep 27: Claire Kerr - Promoting Events with Social Media

    Today's special guest is Claire Kerr, Director of Digital Philanthropy at FrontStream, an online fundraising platform. In this session Kerr shares tips for nonprofits of all experience levels to use social media, apps and more to promote fundraising events for greater results.

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    Ep 26: Michael Bleau - Managing Event Sponsorships & Vendors

    Today's special guest is Michael Bleau, Co-founder and CEO of Events Locker, an event space and sponsorship booking site. He shares different opportunities for raising money at larger-scale neighborhood events (like a fun run fundraiser) with event sponsorships.

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    Ep 25: Cameron Ripley - Google Grants for Nonprofits

    Today's special guest is Cameron Ripley, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Community Boost Consulting, a Google Grant management agency that exists to empower and accelerate social ventures.

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    Ep 24: AJ Steinberg - Event Fundraising Like a Queen Bee

    Today's special guest is A.J. Steinberg, founder of Queen Bee Fundraising and principal of Masquerade Events. With nearly 20 years' experience in fundraising event planning, Steinberg shares tangible, practical tips for coaching and managing a team of volunteers (without pulling your hair out!)

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    Ep 23: Ken Davenport - Nonprofit Strategy and Fiscal Sponsorship

    Today's special guest is Ken Davenport, CEO of Mission Edge, a social enterprise dedicated to helping nonprofits with operational support services. Davenport combines entrepreneurial experience with years of observing and assisting smaller charities with growth and strategy to share fiscal insights for nonprofits in 2017.

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    Ep 22: Brian Grady - A Donor Company Perspective from Picaboo

    Today's special guest is Brian Grady from online photo publishing service Picaboo, a for-profit company that sifts through countless donation requests each year. In this episode, Grady shares tips to make your request stand out from the pack and form mutually beneficial partnerships with corporate donors.

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